It is looking more and more likely that New Zealand will experience yet another cut to the OCR rate with the next drop coming in August and another one predicted again in November. But what does this mean For New Zealanders? How would the OCR cut affect you? In this month’...
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Budgeting Tools

September 12, 2018

Make friends with your budget

When it comes to money matters are you a saver or a spender? Do you keep elaborate spreadsheets accounting for every cent spent or are you more prone to burying your head in the sand and not giving much thought to where your money goes?We often associate the word ‘budget...
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Retirement planning

Have you ever stopped to consider what you’d like to do when you stop working? And if you want to stop reading because retirement seems so far down the track it’s not worth thinking about yet, think again. It’s when it seems so far away that it’s the perfect time to ...
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Interest Rate History

We’re pretty used to the idea that the bank pays us interest on the money we have in the bank so how would you feel if you had to pay to keep your money in the bank? It might sound like a hypothetical situation but that’s effectively what some extremely wealthy customers...
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