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Here at New Zealand Advice Group we are focused on protecting your future, whether it be insuring your life, income, home, car finding a mortgage to fit your needs or saving for your retirement. We are specialists in our field and deal with a range of different insurance companies, fund managers and lenders to find a great deal for our clients. We then continue to stay in touch year after year making sure that the products you have with us are still correct for your current situation. New Zealand Advice Group is proud to be able to help at claim time for insurance and also when a fixed rate comes off a home loan. Our service is free.


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How to Protect yourself from Identity Theft

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Why bother with Health Insurance?

In New Zealand we are lucky to have an excellent health system. In the case of an accident, ACC can help cover the costs of our treatment and even compensate us for lost wages. If we fall ill, weRead more

About NZ Advice Group Team

Reagan Bax - Personal Insurance Specialist

Reagan began in the insurance business in 2006 and works all over the Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty area. He works closely with his father Graham who has been in the business for over 40 years and focuses on life, trauma, income protection and health insurance.

In 2011, Reagan went through continued training and became an Authorised Financial Adviser. This gives Reagan's clients confidence in his knowledge of the industry and helps put their mind at ease knowing their financial future is in good hands. A full and free disclosure document is available on request.

"I protect your biggest asset, your ability to earn an income"
Reagan Bax, Director of NZ Advice Group

Adam Thompson - Home Loan Specialist

Adam is a Registered Financial Adviser with over 10 years of specialist Mortgage Broking experience so you know that you're getting advice from someone qualified in the specialist area of Home Loans. If you're looking to purchase a new home or would like to know what options you have for your next move, then Adam can help make the process a lot easier for you.

Many people are paying more than they should on their home loan, Adam offers a free service to provide a review of your existing home loan. He can negotiate a better deal with your current lender or arrange a new lender who better suits your needs. If you are buying a new home then Adam can arrange the best finance and provide you with a structure that will allow you to repay your debt faster.

For the best options, advice, service and price for your home loan contact Adam today.

Retirement Savings Specialist, Paul Harvey

Paul is an Authorised Financial Adviser with over 25 years of experience helping New Zealanders plan for their retirement. Paul has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the university of Canterbury and has built strong relationships with his clients and industry experts through his passion for helping create wealth and financial security.

Paul helps our clients put together a plan for their future by going through a thorough process and by making sure there are regular reviews to keep the plan on track.

You will often see Paul on the tennis court or enjoying time with his son James. A full and free disclosure document is available on request. 

"I help clients create and protect wealth so they can achieve financial security" Paul Harvey