See what people are saying about New Zealand Advice Group

"I was not hesitant to use a broker as I know they are specialists in their field which I value. Specific benefits I enjoyed while working with Reagan is that he is friendly, thorough and has a professional approach. He is very knowledgeable and prompt in service.

NZ Advice Group is unique in approach and upholds good old fashioned service! I really like the information shared and options presented, he reviewed our current policies and checked they were all relevant, if there was anything better and that we were covered for everything we needed. We were able to make an informed decision without it going over our heads. As you need to share some sensitive information, Reagan's professional and friendly personality made us feel comfortable in doing so. He was very patient and talked us through the applications.
Reagan was also very flexible and met with us at a time that worked in with our busy schedule and family.

I would definitely use Reagan's services again. I understand the importance of keeping insurance up to date and relevant as life and circumstances change.

I recommend Reagan to others all the time. I think this insurance is so important as it will protects us should something happen and I can't work, or look after my family if something should happen. I have peace of mind that in an unpleasant situation, the money side of things won't add to the worries"

Ben and Anna Mollekin

“We realised at an early stage that we needed to have somebody to help us organise our life insurance and give us advice on what to use and who to deal with. As farmers we are exposed to all sorts of risks. We wanted someone to help us identify these and put in place plans and policies to minimise these risks, knowing that if something goes wrong we are fully covered.

Our biggest concern initially was of people selling us a policy and then never seeing them again. We sat down with Graham and he knew our business. If there was something he was not sure of he took the time to listen and understand. He is always in contact with us and reviews our policies annually. He personally calls to discuss them and has done this for over 20 years.

By using the services of Graham and Reagan we are now financially secure for our retirement and still having a large young family we are all covered if something major crops up. We would recommend your services to other people. Your follow up service is amazing and you took the time to explain how everything was going to be set up and how it would work. We really appreciate that you live locally and understand the farming community.”

Richard & Meagan Boersen

“I first contacted Graham because I needed the appropriate insurances and medical cover. I knew Graham Bax and felt he was the best person to give us the right amount of cover and advice. The main things I wanted initially were an understanding consultant, good advice and most of all peace of mind. The biggest concern I had at the start is that I didn’t know what I needed and also what was available. I chose NZ Advice Group because Graham Bax was a local in our area and was always available to advise us. Our family now feel very secure and they are well provided for regardless of any health issues that may come up in the future. I would highly recommend NZ Advice Group because Graham is very easy to talk to and knows what is best for your situation. Graham understands the farming community and his follow up is great."

Jenny & Michael Quinn
“Our initial concerns around insurance were did we really need it andwas it going to be worth the money spent? We really liked the idea of setting up something that was ‘bullet proof’ when it came to securing the financial security of the people we cared about. We also liked the low key professional way you explained everything to us. It felt great to get something important done that we had been putting off for a while. What we have now set up makes our family feel more safe and secure. We would definitely recommend your services to other people.”

Trevor and Vanessa Flooks