Health Insurance

Also known as medical cover, this is a great option for people and families wanting to get into a private hospital quickly to have surgery or a procedure done without having to wait in the long public line. There are a lot of options for this type of insurance and different insurers products range from covering doctors visits right up to surgery. We strongly suggest talking to us about your options as it can be confusing and having the right cover for your situation is very important at claim time. Some people only find out then exactly what they have been paying for so getting it right from the start is the best idea.
Here are a few points and questions to consider.

  • Which medical bills are you most concerned about?
  • Some insurers only charge for one child on your policy even if you have up to ten children
  • Some insurers cover GP visits and dental work as well as surgery
  • Some insurers include non pharmac drugs with their cover
  • What is the excess on your policy?
  • Does the excess apply to a specialist visit or just surgery?
  • Some insurers have Best Doctors covered with medical insurance
  • Who do you call if you need to claim?
  • Can you get exclusions removed from your policy?

These are just a few things to consider or be aware of when thinking about getting health insurance. Please call Reagan to discuss your options so you know more about the cover you currently have or more about which cover you should have.

Insurance Categories

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