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Trauma cover pays a lump sum in the event of being diagnosed with a trauma or critical illness which is on the insurers list. Some insurers or banks cover is widely different in this space and the amount of trauma's on the list can vary from around nine events to sixty two events. However most claims come from cancer, stroke and heart attack so its important to know what the policy wordings are for these events to give yourself the best chance of being able to make a claim. Children can usually be covered under your trauma policy also and some companies offer this as a built in benefit. To know how much cover to get its important to go through our advice process first as there are many factors to take into account.
Here are a few key questions for Trauma Insurance.

  • At what age does the cover expire?
  • How many conditions are covered?
  • Can my children be covered under my policy?
  • If I claim does my life cover decrease?
  • Can I still keep my cover even after I've had a claim?
  • Will it pay the whole amount or just a portion of my cover if I claim?
  • Can my loading be reviewed?
  • Can my exclusion be removed?

To go through the process of understanding how Trauma cover works please speak to Reagan and he will give you a better understanding of how the cover works and which companies product is best for you.