Life Insurance


Reporting life changes

The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said that the only thing that is constant is change. And we can’t argue with that.Sometimes we plan changes, while other times they occur unexpectedly. Major life changes include: getting married having a baby adoption gaining/losing a de...
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Sudesh Sharma

With the experience gained from the interactions he had with so many of our clients in his previous position, Sudesh is confident that he will continue to provide the advice and service that will give you the assurance you need when dealing with your insurance cover. Sude...
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Do you know what the average life expectancy in New Zealand is? Although, thoughts abound about how humans could routinely live to 130 or 140 years of age, we're not there yet. The average life expectancy has been increasing globally and in New Zealand it's currently 81.6...
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Making a start with property investment

Property is a popular subject in New Zealand. Buying, selling or investing in property dominates many a backyard barbecue chat. Opinions tend to outweigh investors. All the well-meaning advice can be confusing for the first-time property investor. Why invest in property? ...
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