Time to Think

Time to Think

Soon most people will have a chance to take some time off work and enjoy life with their family. Hopefully during that time we will get a chance to relax a little and think about our lives and how it may have changed in the past year.

Its a great time to consider a review of your insurance in the new year.


Well if you, had a child, took on a bigger mortgage, changed jobs or just haven't had a review for over a year, then book in a time to see us.

Perhaps you retired from work, paid off your mortgage or your kids have left home to be adults. Also a great time to review your cover.

Did you become self employed and need help with your ACC levies? Are your premiums getting out of control? Lets talk in the new year.

Enjoy a break and enjoy the chance to think about life.

Stay safe and we will hopefully hear from you in 2016.

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