Don't wait until its too late

Protect yourself before something happens

Its amazing how many calls we get every month from people looking to get cover for a health event that has already happened. If you have a health problem during your life then getting insurance after that can be very difficult, expensive or just impossible. If you're reading this and you're lucky enough to be healthy and between 25 and 60 years old which are our biggest earning years then you should be considering protecting your income. Don't wait until you have a health problem and then try and get insurance to protect your future earnings as its likely you will be turned down.

This advice goes for other types of insurance cover also, such as life and health insurance. You cant have a car accident and then call and try and insure your car, its too late. Its the same with your health.

Unfortunately it's statistically likely that during our working years we will have a health issue that either stops us from working for a period of time or makes our job harder to do. Take the time to assess your situation and review it with us today. A few questions later you might feel a lot better about your future, no matter what happens.

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