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Making a Claim

How to make a claim swiftly and easily

We take out insurance to cover us at times when we need it. But when it comes time to access our cover, the process of making a claim can be a time of uncertainty and overwhelm. Can I claim for this? Which forms should I use? How do I lodge the claim? When will I receive my money? The questions come hard and fast and it might just feel like it’s all too much.

Working with an adviser makes it easier as we are here to help you put the paperwork together, answer any questions and guide you through the process step-by-step. And best of all, if you have taken out your insurance policy through us, this service is free. The first step is letting us know.

We’ll discuss the nature of the event, confirm you are able to file a claim on your policy, and we’ll be able to help you fill in the correct form for the situation. We then lodge the claim with your insurer.

As this can be a challenging time, we work directly with the insurer to get you the best and quickest outcome. The claims team will go through your claim and assess it to make sure you qualify.

How the claim is paid will depend on the type of insurance. We’ll be your direct point of contact throughout the process to make it swift and easy. It’s one of the many great reasons to use an adviser.

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Common reasons claims are declined

You didn’t take “reasonable care”. Say, for example, your house was burgled but you’d left your door unlocked or a window wide open. Chances are the insurer would have a clause excluding cover for theft from an unlocked property.

  • Your car was unroadworthy or unsafe.
  • You withheld important information from your insurer.
  • Omitting relevant information on the insurance claim.

What to do if an insurance claim is denied

Claim denials are the exception not the norm. However, is this does happen to you, you should first contact management at the insurance company to discuss your situation and express why you are not satisfied. If this doesn’t result in a satisfactory outcome for you, you can lodge a formal complaint through the New Zealand Insurance Ombudsman. They provide a free service to consumers with the aim of resolving complaints about insurance.

Need to make a claim?

If you have questions about the claims process, get in touch with us. Call us on 0800-230-235 or send an email to set up a time to chat.