Adding Children to Health Insurance

Adding a baby to your Health Insurance

Its a great idea to add your children to your health insurance as early as possible. Most companies will allow children to be added to your policy in the first three months since their birth just by letting them know the child's date of birth and name. No forms to fill in and most importantly no exclusions.

Recently a couple added their baby to their health insurance but because they waited 8 months from the birth they had to fill in a form. Not a big deal but because there were a couple of small health issues there are two exclusions on that child's policy. Hopefully they can be removed after 12 months but depending on what the issue is they might not be removed and the exclusions may last a lifetime.

So if you're having a baby or have just had one and want to add the child to your health policy, don't wait too long or this may happen to you. Act fast and have no exclusions right through life.

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