Time for a review of your cover

Review your Insurance

During the summer break a lot of people would have had time to set a few goals for 2015. They may well have also looked at some of the bills they are paying and decided its time to address them. The best thing to do with your insurance premiums is to ask us for a review of your cover so we can make sure you're still covered for the right amounts and you're not overpaying.

Its free for us to make sure your cover is still correct and we will do anything possible to help with the premiums going forward. We actually have a lot of options for people that are concerned about their premiums increasing, so please call us to discuss.

Don't forget that its possible in the past year you have paid off debt or taken on more debt, added to the family, changed jobs or made lifestyle changes that need to be discussed with us also.

So start the year off with a call to review your cover, its a great time to look at your insurance and feel good about how its protecting you and your family's future.


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