Property Buying Tips

Anah Jordan's tips for making buying property easier

  • 1.
    Don’t overanalyse the market. If you go online and read the reports every day, you will get confused by all the conflicting information. Knowledge is power but too much can make your head spin and you need to do what is right for you.
  • 2.
    Drive around the area you are looking at buying in, ensure you check it out at different times of the day, is it a high traffic street at peak/school times? What about night time?
  • 3.
    Ask about the neighbours – often neighbours will visit open homes and chat to the agent, ask the agent what the neighbours are like? How long they’ve lived there? Are they the owners or renters?
  • 4.
    Be realistic – Are you ready to purchase? Do you have to sell first? If so, have you had an up-to-date appraisal from an agent? Have you discussed the timeframe from deciding to sell to settlement?
  • 5.
    Be ready to purchase – Have you talked to your mortgage broker? Are your pre-approved? For how long? Knowing how much you can spend and having a budget in mind makes purchasing a home an easier task. Adam our mortgage broker can help with this.
Anah Jordan is a real estate agent with Barfoot and Thompson in Auckland. To reach Anah please call her on 022 127 9080 or via email a.jordan@barfoot.co.nz

Anah Jordan is NZ Advice Group's preferred Auckland real estate partner and has written this blog in good faith for the knowledge of our readers.