Breast Cancer Month

October is Breast Cancer month in NZ so we have put together a few statistics around women's health.

Did you know?


Today, 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer  
This year, 650 will most likely die  
Yet 30% of eligible women don't have regular mammograms  
And 60% of young women don't know the signs beyond a lump (Source:  www.nzbcf.org.nz)  

Women's Heart Disease:

Worldwide, 3.4 million women die from heart disease each year, accounting for a third of all deaths in women  

The picture of women’s heart health in New Zealand:  

2514 women died of heart disease (Source:  2010 Ministry of Health Mortality Data)  
That’s about 7 a day – 48 a week  
Women who smoke risk having a heart attack 19 years earlier than non-smoking women   Nearly two-thirds of the deaths from heart attacks in women occur among those who have no history of chest pain  
42% of women who have heart attacks die within 1 year, compared to 24% of men  
Under age 50, women’s heart attacks are twice as likely as men’s to be fatal

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