Life cover premiums that stay the same each year

Level life insurance premiums

Wouldn't it be nice to have the same premium each year on your life cover! Yes it would, especially when the premiums go up each year based on your age, and when you get in your 60's its a massive jump each year. If you plan on keeping your life cover for as long as possible then call us to talk about making your premiums level.

You can do this in a few ways and each one may work depending on your situation. You can save thousands of dollars by getting in on this option early and have piece of mind each year as you know what the premium will be.

You can lock in your premium for 10 years which might not seem long but for some people that's all they feel they need the cover for. You can lock in your premium until age 65 which might be when you retire and will hopefully have no debt and possibly no need for cover anymore. Or you can lock in your premium until age 80.

Each option costs more to begin with but over time it will potentially save a huge amount of money and there is nothing like each year when the renewal date comes around and your premium is the same. Too often I get calls from people who are getting older and their cover is going up too high and they have to radically reduce their cover or cancel it. This is not ideal at all and can be avoided if you call me to discuss. 0800 230 235