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When does your life cover expire?

Will you last longer than your life insurance?

Most people don't think about lasting longer than their life cover will, but for a lot of people out there that's exactly what will happen. A large number of people I talk to that took out life cover over 10 years ago have never checked to see when it expires and they get a shock when I tell them it's at age 65. Most life insurers run their life cover through to age 100 but there are a lot of older policies out there that don't do that and will stop when you get to age 65, which might be getting closer to the time you need it.

Review your life cover with us and make sure you are not one of the people that will be left without life cover once you get to 65. Some may think they can get more cover if that happens to them but if they have had a health issue at some point they may not be able to get more life insurance.

Call me for a review and then you can relax knowing your life cover will be there for you when your family needs it. 0800 230 235.